Situated between the Spree and Havel rivers, Berlin, the capital of Germany, is a city of culture with its museums, streets and art scene. The fun festivals that bring locals together with tourists and the nightlife where you can discover the city’s sleepless side are among the elements that make Berlin what it is. While visiting this city, which still bears the traces of history, it is impossible not to travel to its past, which is even the subject of movies. From the Berlin Wall, which literally divided the city, people and even friendships into two, east and west, after the damage it suffered in the Second World War, to the silent past that bears the traces of the Hitler era, the dusty pages of history are opened as you visit this city. In addition to the Berlin Wall, which is still a ruinous reminder of the city’s painful times, there are many museums, galleries, streets and entertainment centers ready to be explored, allowing you to get acquainted with modern Berlin.

Like Istanbul’s Taksim, Alexanderplatz Square is a popular tourist and public meeting point and is home to the Berliner Fernsehturm, the symbol of the city, as well as cafes and restaurants. We should also remind you that from this square, which is the common transportation point of the places to visit in Berlin, you can easily reach the point you want to go either on foot or by metro and tram.



The Rotes Rathouse, located within walking distance of the square, is a town hall that was destroyed in the Second World War and restored and still bears the traces of the Renaissance period. Just opposite the building is the Berlin Cathedral, which has a baroque style architecture and a very flamboyant design. Close to the cathedral, where you can also visit the interior if you wish, is the Museumsinsel, or Museum Island, which is surrounded by canals and is home to many different museums. Museum Island, where the most important works of art history are located, is a very important stop for you to get to know the ancient civilizations and to get your fill of art and culture.

You can explore many more routes in Berlin, from the Brandenburg Gate, which witnesses history as it belongs to the Imperial period, to Kreuzberg, which is known as “Little Istanbul” because it is the living area of Turks, to Nikolaiviertel, where Berlin’s traditional buildings are located, to Gendarmenmarkt Square, which hosts cathedrals and concert halls.

Celebrating its history, traditions and culture with countless festivals, Berlin offers many events such as the Berlin International Beer Festival, where many countries take part for promotional purposes, the Berlinale Festival, where films are exhibited, the Berlin Festival of Lights, which is celebrated with a traditional ceremony, and the Bermuda Festival, which adds a continuous vitality to Berlin nightlife. You can find more than you bargained for and have an unforgettable holiday experience in just a few days in this city where you can also meet its humorous and entertaining side. To meet the important stops of Berlin, take your place in Berlin festivals and have fun-filled moments, you can book your place on the Berlin tour organized by Red Arena Tour and collect holiday notes on the free streets of the city!