Spain Gastronomy Tours


Spain, embracing popular cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, and Valencia, hosts a culture and art history waiting to be explored, alongside a nature and entertainment worth experiencing. With a Mediterranean climate reigning over the land, this country is known for embracing many different cultures throughout its history. This cultural diversity is reflected in its cuisine, where you can encounter a delicious blend of world flavors and get acquainted with different culinary cultures!

One such cuisine is Basque cuisine, known for its spicy dishes, soups, seafood, and local drinks, especially its tapas-like Pintxos, which highlight a remarkable dining and drinking culture.
The Basque Country, which is home to cities like Bilbao, Vitoria, and San Sebastian, has long been considered a separate country by its people. Situated within both the borders of Spain and France simultaneously, this region carries the perception of being different into its cuisine.

Bilbao, located on the banks of the Nervion River and serving as a port city, satisfies visitors with its local restaurants, vineyards, and wineries. Offering an ideal alternative for those interested in Mediterranean culture, Bilbao allows you to try hundreds of different types of Pintxos by visiting Pintxos bars and explore its museums and historical structures.


Another stop on your Basque Country gastronomy tour is San Sebastian, also known as Donostia, which stands out as a port city. Stretching towards the sea along the Pyrenees Mountains, this city is famous for its breathtaking views, festivals, beaches, and having a considerable number of Michelin-starred restaurants! What makes San Sebastian unique is its perfect reflection of the indispensable ‘freshness’ element of Basque cuisine. In this city, you can witness the incredible harmony between French and Spanish cuisine in every dish you taste.

From Spanish wines to Pintxos, from traditional Basque soup Eltzekari to Piperrade omelet, would you like to join us for a Basque tasting tour to encounter unforgettable flavors? With our gourmet journey to the gastronomic centers of the Basque Country, you can not only gain a delightful overseas holiday experience but also encounter flavors you have never tasted before!

Make your reservation for the Spanish tasting tour to join this flavor-filled adventure in the naturally preserved cities of Spain and discover Spanish cuisine firsthand!