Naples, which is the center of culture and tourism with the Royal Palace of Caserta, San Carlo Theater and Plebiscito Square, is known as the birthplace of the mafia, but thanks to its Old Town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the coastline that offers a beautiful view, it is still open to visitors. offers new discoveries.

The Amalfi coast, located very close to Naples, undoubtedly has the most fascinating atmosphere of Southern Italy, with its towns with different geography, nature and beaches. From Sorrento, where lemon scents mix in the air, to the town of Positano, with its colorful houses in mountain hollows, from Amalfi, which you will want to picture with its baroque architectural structures and sea, to the town of Ravello, the center of the Wagner Music Festival, the Amalfi coast resembles paradise. The gate of heaven, once opened, continues its magnificence on the Island of Capri with its natural beauties and white houses. This colorful island, which carries traces from past to present with its famous rocks called Faraglioni, gardens of Augustus and Roman paths, offers unforgettable moments to its visitors with its local food and hospitality. For those who want to expand their trip in a cultural context by visiting historical buildings, ancient cities and museums, Pompeii is an ideal stop with its tragic past and buildings from the Roman period. The city of Pompeii, with its people turned to stone by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and revealed in archaeological excavations, bears the traces of both pain and rebirth.