Located between the Tiber and Aniane rivers, Rome is a city worth seeing, thanks to its 2800-year history and the Roman Kingdom of which it was the capital. This city, built on 7 hills just like Istanbul, hosts guests from all over the world with its Colosseum, where gladiator fights and shows are held, the Pantheon, which was built for the ancient Roman gods in the past and is now visited as a church, the famous Fountain of Love and the Spanish Steps. He makes people travel through time.

Bari, one of the Italian cities, is a truly artistic city with its coast, nature and historical buildings dominated by Romanesque architecture. Home to the bones of St. Nicholas Offering a wide cultural feast to visitors with its San Nicolaus Basilica, Castello Castle and Old Port, Bari also offers a magnificent experience to art-loving travelers with its Levante Fair, Nino Rota Concert Hall and Piccini Theatre.

This exquisite Southern Italy tour, stretching from the Amalfi coast to the historical Italian cities, is waiting for you. If you want to visit the coastal towns that are no different from a painting and end your Amalfi Coast tour in Bari, let’s take you like this. If you say “You can’t go to Italy without Rome”, let’s take you like this!